OrderFlow’s UPS integration allows for streamlined UPS shipment validation and label printing within a powerful order and warehouse management framework.

UPS is the one of the largest logistics companies in the world, providing delivery to all corners of the globe. OrderFlow supports direct integration with UPS through its XML HTTP API, which means that you do not need to install any UPS software in your warehouse to ship via UPS.

OrderFlow supports the key operations in the UPS Shipping API.

  • shipment creation and acceptance
  • voiding of shipments to allow for subsequent changes

UPS labels are returned to OrderFlow as JPEG images, which can be printed for individual at the packing desk, or in some cases, printed in batch as part of a picking run.

OrderFlow supports multi-package UPS shipments. In this case, the packer simply cancels the shipment with UPS, divides it up into packages as required, then resubmits the shipment to UPS.

OrderFlow also supports integration with UPS Worldship, which is desktop software provided to UPS customers to support label printing and end of day reporting. Our preference, however, is for the API-based approach, which requires no additional software setup and very little maintenance after setup.

An example of a UPS label retrieved via the UPS API is shown below.