Shopify Integration

Shopify-bag-and-logotype-590x161Shopify Order Fetch

The Shopify order fetch feature builds on support already present to OrderFlow for performing Shopify order status notifications and cancellation using the integration API.

The order fetch functionality consists of separate processes to fetch new, open and failed orders, to ensure that orders are retrieved in a timely fashion and that none are missed due to errors.

The Shopify order fetch operations make use of OrderFlow’s powerful API integration framework, allowing processes to be set up through configuration alone. They continue our work in rolling-out similar support to a range of third party e-Commerce systems.

Single Line PO Cross Docking

As part of this release we have created a new dedicated process for efficiently shipping single line shipments from stock received against specific purchase orders.

This supports an upstream process in which the purchasing system is able to order from suppliers stock earmarked for specific shipments. As this stock is received into the warehouse, packers are able to scan the necessary items straight from incoming pallets. The need to store the incoming stock is eliminated, helping to improve the efficiency of the warehouse.

Other Enhancements

A number of other features and bug fixes have been included in this release. The key among these include:

  • the ability to control whether outgoing shipment stock is debited from the warehouse on despatch, or at the point where shipments are marked as packed.
  • control over whether stock move tasks (also known as stock transfer requests) can be restricted to a maximum weight value.
  • the ability to restrict products to be used for orders for a specific channel. Previously, this restriction would apply for an organisation (which may ‘own’ multiple channels), but not for individual channels within the organisation.

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