Royal Mail

OrderFlow provides a range of integration options for customers shipping parcels via Royal Mail.

Despatch Manager Online
OrderFlow integrates with Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (DMO), supporting a wide range of Royal Mail services, including Tracked® through to Special Delivery Guaranteed™, International Signed For™ and Airsure®.Royal_Mail

DMO is Royal Mail’s replacement for the desktop software Despatch Express. OrderFlow’s integration with DMO allow for address and shipment details to be automatically supplied to DMO from OrderFlow when packing a shipment. No user intervention is required to print the label, and no end of day process is required to submit shipment information to Royal Mail.

Royal Mail COSS
OrderFlow includes an implementation of the Royal Mail COSS (Customer Own System Solution) specification for efficient processing of Royal Mail Tracked®, Royal Mail Tracked Next Day® and Royal Mail Tracked High Volume® services.

Through our COSS implementation, Royal Mail customers can take advantage of OrderFlow’s efficient order processing capability. Shipments can be grouped, picked and printed efficiently in batches.

As part of this solution, OrderFlow handles the generation of despatch notes as well as shipment labels. It also assigns despatch references from a range supplied by Royal Mail.

When using OrderFlows Royal Mail COSS implementation, customers have the option of bulk printing despatch notes with on integrated stationery, allowing a highly efficient packing process. The packer spends the minimum time on the system necessary to ensure that the shipment has been packed accurately.

Through its Royal Mail COSS implementation, OrderFlow also provides an end of day manifest for the driver at pick-up time, as well as a simple mechanism for the user to upload shipment despatch information.