Below is our product roadmap for the next 18 months.

e-Commerce integrations
Magento 2 Full web service integration with the new Magento 2 platform.
Amazon Refinements and extensions to the existing Amazon integration.
eBay Full eBay integration, including product and order import.


Warehouse functionalitywarehouse-management-icon
Expiry date and lot tracking Full end-to-end tracking of product dates and batches.
Serial number tracking Full end-to-end tracking of individual product serial numbers.
Case / Carton management Support for context sensitive recognition of whole case product quantities.
Forklift stock movements Optimised stock moves of a single SKU directly between locations.


Order processing
Bulk picks Optimised picking for wholesale orders and warehouse transfers.
Stock checking on pick Configurable logic to define when a picker is prompted to complete a stock check within the pick sequence.


Multi-warehouse functionalityclustering-icon
Stock transfers between warehouses Allow a stock transfer to be initiated from within OrderFlow.
Intelligent stock transfers Support for automated stock balancing across warehouses.
Intelligent shipment routing Automatically assign shipments to a warehouse using stock availability, destination, capacity etc.
Site cloning Use an existing warehouse configuration as a template when defining a new one.


Administration and Managementchannel-management-icon
Despatch KPI tracking Improved tracking and reporting against service level KPIs.
Assign users to warehouse activities The ability to assign users to particular activities, allowing them to prioritise their work.
Centralised errors dashboard An administrator dashboard highlighting any system errors.


User interface and navigation
Menu redesign Make the operational, configuration and administrative areas of the platform more distinct.
Top level dashboard A consolidated management dashboard making it easier to monitor the overall warehouse ‘state’.
Application redesign Restyle the user interface to keep it looking fresh and up-to-date.

OrderFlow is being continually enhanced. In addition to the roadmap developments outlined above a new release that delivers incremental improvements and new functionality is usually available every 6 weeks.