Remote API

OrderFlow provides an XML over HTTP API to allow our customers to integrate OrderFlow with their other systems.


The primary function of the XML API is to support integration with the shopping cart which is taking orders being fulfilled through OrderFlow. Typically the shopping cart also manages definitions of products sold on the web site and fulfilled through OrderFlow.

The key operations which constitute the XML API include the following:

Product ImportIncomingHandles import of new or updated product defintions, typically from the shopping carts.
Order ImportIncomingSupport import new orders onto the system.
Order DetailIncomingReturns details on the state of an individual order on the system.
Order State NotificationOutgoingInvoked by OrderFlow following a state change in the system, and configured on a per-state change basis.
Order CancellationIncomingHandles the request from a third party system to cancel an order held on OrderFlow.
Stock Change NotificationOutgoingA call from OrderFlow to the third party system giving notification of stock changes.
Return NotificationOutgoingInvoked by OrderFlow following the receipt of an incoming return onto the system.
Payment RequestOutgoingAn optional call from OrderFlow to a third party system for orders for which payment has not been taken at time of importing the order onto the system.
Payment ResponseIncomingA companion call from the third party system to OrderFlow containing the result of a payment request.


Note that the outgoing API calls allow for significant flexibility in the precise format used, allowing for integration with different external systems without necessarily requiring code changes.

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