OrderFlow 3PL

OrderFlow 3PL builds on the capabilities of OrderFlow to provide a software system uniquely well suited to the demands of multi-client third party B2C fulfilment houses.
OrderFlow 3PL provides the tools necessary to support the growth plans of the most rapidly expanding third party fulfilment operations.
Adding to OrderFlow’s streamlined warehouse management and order processing capability, OrderFlow 3PL allows fulfilment houses to manage complex multi-client configurations on a single platform.
OrderFlow 3PL supports a range of data input formats and reporting requirements, and simplifies the process of taking on and managing new clients.

Client specific workflows and logic

OrderFlow 3PLs channel and organisation management provides simplified client configuration and a robust and rapid approach to taking on new clients.

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Automated Reporting

OrderFlow 3PLs automated reporting suite allows fulfilment houses to provide their customers the reports that they need to receive, when they need to receive them.

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Client Access

OrderFlow 3PL allows fulfilment houses to give their clients controlled access to administer appropriate parts of the warehouse and order processing operation.

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Product News

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