OrderFlow integrates with the DPD’s Ship@ease desktop software to automate label printing and capture of despatch references.

OrderFlow allows DPD domestic and international barcode labels to be produced automatically through the DPD Ship@ease software. DPD-logoThis allows users to generate labels from within the OrderFlow without any rekeying of address information.

OrderFlow provides fine-grained control of the output which is presented to Ship@ease, making it simple to make changes when necessary to achieve business objectives.

ship@easeThe communication with Ship@ease is through a robust mechanism supported by an instance of the OrderFlow Print Server, allowing OrderFlow to run remotely, or on the cloud without having to connect directly to a Ship@ease instance running on one or more packing benches.

For each label which is accepted and printed by Ship@ease, the Print Server will capture the tracking reference and pass this back to OrderFlow, freeing the user from having to manually enter the despatch reference.

The tracking reference returned by Ship@ease can then be passed back to the system in which the order originated or used in automatic despatch notification emails sent by Realtime Despatch.

Note that OrderFlow can also produce DPD labels through our MetaPack integration, and intend to support a direct API integration with DPD when this option becomes available.