Courier Integration

Integrate with the couriers that give you the best value and service. Intelligently manage the selection of couriers and services by order profile.

Note that Realtime Despatch is not a part of any of the courier affiliate programs and does not receive commission or other type of payment from any of the courier services we integrate with.



The objective of every integration is to allow Magento to be used solely as an E-commerce sales platform, moving all the warehouse and order processing activity into the OrderFlow environment. Magento can then be used in the E-commerce role it is designed for, allowing you to use OrderFlow to get the most from your warehouse and despatch operations.

Royal Mail

General labels for Royal Mail PPI, Tracked and Tracked Next Day services.


Create ParcelForce labels and manifest reports, and submits end of day reports directly to ParcelForce.


OrderFlow integrates with the Huxloe web services API, allowing our customers to automatically produce Huxloe labels and manifests from within the OrderFlow environment.


Integrate with Hermes hosted web service to produce shipping labels.

Net Despatch

Integration with the NetDespatch platform allows OrderFlow to utilise the NetDespatch API to send shipments for multiple carriers. Currently, Yodel and Royal Mail (domestic and international) are supported.


Create labels for Yodel shipments through our integration with Yodel DeskDispatch, the US-based multi-carrier integrator iAbol, or via the NetDespatch API integration.


Create label and customs documentations for USPS shipments from the United States, via the Endicia Label Server.


OrderFlow’s UPS integration allows for streamlined UPS shipment validation and label printing within a powerful order and warehouse management framework.

UPS is the one of the largest logistics companies in the world, providing delivery to all corners of the globe. OrderFlow supports direct integration with UPS through its XML HTTP API, which means that you do not need to install any UPS software in your warehouse to ship via UPS.


Create Whistl labels for quick, easy despatch.


Create labels for UKMail shipments through our integration with UKMail’s Consignor desktop application.

Spring Global

Produce Spring Global labels through both our real-time API integration and a PPI-based solution for this rapidly-expanding independent international mail company.


Metapack is UK’s leading provider of delivery management and courier integration software.


Produce DHL labels and customs documentation through real-time integration with DHL XML Services.


OrderFlow integrates with the DPD’s Ship@ease desktop software to automate label printing and capture of despatch references.

Intelligent Courier Selection

Select the most appropriate courier option automatically, using a rules based approach that can combine destination, weight, priority and any other variable associated with an order to make the best choice.