Warehouse management support for case and carton functionality:Warehouse management support for case and carton functionality

Apr 17, 2019

Detailed product definitions

Most B2C warehouse operations receive some or all of their incoming stock packed up in boxes. For some products each box might contain smaller cartons. Knowing how many individual items are in each box and how many are in each carton can allow your warehouse management processes to be optimised around these numbers.

The OrderFlow warehouse management system (WMS) allows the product definition to include details of how it is received; for example in boxes of 72, with each box containing 12 smaller cartons of six individual items.

When the barcode for this product is scanned as part of the goods-in process OrderFlow can be configured to default to a quantity of 72 rather than requiring the user to key in the quantity manually.  If there are multiple quantities or units of measure (UOM) that could be applying at a point in time, OrderFlow will first ask you to confirm which UOM you are using, and then ask for the quantity. The quantity inputted at this point would be 864 cartons, or 72 boxes, and the unit quantity would be implied

Improving warehouse speed and accuracy

This improves the speed and accuracy of the receipting process, but knowing how products are packed continues to be useful after the delivery is processed.

Stock moves from bulk storage locations into the picking face can be done by case or carton quantities, speeding up the replenishment process and making sure that the bulk storage locations are not cluttered with loose items. This significantly speeds up the stock checking of bulk locations.

Support for case and carton functionality was introduced in the latest release of OrderFlow; 4.0. An exciting milestone in the development of Realtime Despatch’s warehouse management platform, which also introduced support for perishable products and the GS1 barcoding standard.

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