WMS update features improved support for international shipping and bulk picking

Feb 26, 2020
Our latest WMS software update, OrderFlow, includes significant new features in the areas of international shipping, bulk picking, work orders and stock move tasks.

International shipping and customs documentation

Partly in preparation for dealing with the eventual consequences of Brexit, we've improved and simplified our customs documentation generation. Comprehensive customs documentation is already provided with some of our courier integrations. The new release fills gaps where this capability was missing, allowing CN22, CN23 or commercial invoice documentation to be produced at the appropriate point in the despatch process.

We've done this by making greater use of our country grouping functionality, which allows customs document generation for individual source and destination countries to be enabled through just a small config change, rather than through complex scripting.

Bulk picking to licence plates

As part of our new bulk order module, we’ve introduced a new flavour of picking, which is designed especially for picking single shipments to multiple pallets. These pallets can be docked into an outgoing location before the paperwork is generated and the shipments are despatched.

As part of this feature, we've added an extensible mechanism for different stock moves rules to be applied for different types of licence plates.

Work order stock availability


Previous versions of OrderFlow have provided warehouse operators with an estimate of the finished product quantity that can be produced using the available stock for a work order component lines. We've added to this by providing line-by-line detail at the component product level of the potential finished product for a work order. This will make it easier for operators to determine which constituent products are short of stock and are potential candidates for substitutions.

Completion of stock move tasks and stock moves

We've added a number of changes in this release to give greater flexibility in applying stock moves, both through system-directed tasks and ad hoc user directed operations.

With OrderFlow it’s now easier for operators to provide alternative target locations for putaway and replenishment tasks. We've also added a simple mechanism which will force operators to select target locations for task lines, replacing a virtual or placeholder location suggested by the system.

Prior to this release it was only possible to do ad hoc stock moves using free stock, that is, stock not already assigned to orders or to outgoing stock move task lines. We've relaxed this restriction by allowing for stock moves to also include stock already assigned to order lines, provided that these order lines are not currently being picked. With this new feature in place the system will transfer order line assignments as required to the new target locations.

Other changes

Wth OrderFlow we have added a significant number of minor bug fixes and feature enhancements including an option to mandate that the expected delivery date of purchase orders be considered a mandatory field and a workflow indicator field for shipments, allowing shipments in the same channel to pass more easily through different workflows.

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