Significant new features introduced to OrderFlow WMS

Feb 5, 2020
Realtime Despatch’s latest OrderFlow WMS release introduces some significant features in areas ranging from picking and expiry date management through to kitting and integration.

We're pleased to announce the availability of OrderFlow 4.0.8, our first release of the OrderFlow warehouse management system (WMS) in 2020. Despite being hot on the heels of 4.0.7 it introduces some significant features for a wide variety of key warehousing operations.

Single shipment picking

We've added improvements to the handheld interface for single shipment picking. It's now possible to pick a single shipment to a licence plate, more appropriate in picking environments where conveyors are used rather than carts.

This is backed up by a pick and pass feature to support area-based picking. This allows each picker to define the section of the pick face they are responsible for at the start of their shift. They then pick everything that's required from their area before passing the order onto the next picker.

This 'pick and pass' approach makes it easy to adjust the size of the picking team and manage each picker's workload in environments where order volumes fluctuate unexpectedly. In busy periods each picker might be responsible for just three or four bays, while in slow periods they might pick from one or two aisles.

We've also made it easier to start new picks, allowing the operator to select the next shipment to pick from a list and improved the mechanism for resuming picks, whether for an individual shipment or for a batch. We've added more information on picking size, weight and volume to the handheld picking screen – this can be useful at the point where an order pick is started and the user is choosing the mobile tote or cart to pick into.

Carton picking


OrderFlow 4.0.8 introduces further improvements to our carton picking functionality. This feature allows for larger quantities to be picked directly using cartons, while smaller quantities can be picked using inner cases or pieces. This applies even for picks from the same location, as our WMS is able to determine when it is appropriate to 'split' cartons to allow for order lines to be picked using smaller units of measure.

Expiry date management

In this release we've added an important feature to our expiry date management capability. The OrderFlow warehouse management system can now ensure that only within-date stock is assigned to orders for picking. The rules for determining acceptable dates for individual order lines are configurable by channel, product type and even category.

Product transformations


As part of our enhanced kitting capability it’s now possible to perform SKU transformations between products. For example, through this process, ten cases of 24 may be transformed into twenty cases of 12 of the same underlying product.

New Shopify versions

The new OrderFlow WMS release also includes support for Shopify API versions 2019-07 and 2019-10. This enhancement makes use of the multi-version support recently added to OrderFlow's API integration framework, allowing multiple versions of an API integration to be present in the same OrderFlow instance. This feature is important for environments which integrate with multiple Shopify stores, and allows for a smoother upgrade path from one version to another.

Other OrderFlow WMS changes

With OrderFlow 4.0.8 we have added a significant number of minor bug fixes and feature enhancements including:

  • Adding a mechanism to capture cost prices at the order line level, allowing for better profitability reporting.
  • Adding performance enhancements for OrderFlow environments that use a replica database. For example, our WMS can now automatically route appropriate queries to the replica database, taking a significant load off the transactional database.
  • Making it possible to clone an organisation without cloning all (or even any) of its channels. This allows for more flexibility when setting up new organisations and channels in existing environments.

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