Realtime Despatch rolls out Linnworks WMS integration

Sep 25, 2019
Realtime Despatch has added Linnworks to the growing list of e-commerce WMS integration options it offers to e-tailers and third party logistics firms.

Ibex Fulfilment is the first Realtime Despatch customer to go live with Linnworks integration. After a smooth and simple implementation, orders began running through the OrderFlow platform at the start of July.

Ibex Fulfilment is a long-standing customer of Realtime Despatch and has a track record of helping other companies to grow their online businesses through its efficient and economic approach to fulfilment.

The UK-based 3PL requested the addition of the Linnworks integration module after signing up new customer. A well-known watch manufacturer and distributor, the new customer uses Linnworks order management software to pull together and process orders from multiple e-commerce stores.

Linnworks warehouse management integration

Realtime Despatch’s OrderFlow platform is a highly flexible and configurable warehouse management system (WMS). It uses the real-time JSON-over-HTTP API to integrate with Linnworks. No third party software needs to be installed in the Linnworks environment, however the OrderFlow app must be authorised on the Linnworks platform by the customer.

The interface supports a number of data flows between the two platforms. These include product definition, order import, inventory notifications for individual SKUs and shipment despatch notifications. A Linnworks wiki is available to Realtime Despatch customers for further information on integration and features.

Businesses interested in Realtime Despatch, OrderFlow, and its e-commerce integration offerings, should contact us to find out more.