Realtime Despatch helps KeepMe expand smoothly and efficiently:Realtime Despatch helps KeepMe expand smoothly and efficiently

Apr 26, 2019
Manufacturer and distributor KeepMe recently took on two new well-known cosmetic brand clients. Adding them onto their existing warehouse management system was a smooth and simple process thanks to the team at Realtime Despatch.

KeepMe offers its customers a mix of B2B and B2C hybrid fulfilment, which means their WMS needs to be capable of managing the different requirements of B2B and B2C operations side-by-side.

Optimised for both B2B and B2C picking operations

When OrderFlow was originally introduced last year, Realtime Despatch worked closely with the company to design and customise processes that would work for all its operations. This included allowing for separate optimised B2B and B2C picking operations and replenishment processes, and ensuring picks for B2B and B2C orders were optimised to suit their different profiles.

Simple to add additional clients

With the hard work already done, KeepMe found it very quick and easy to add the new client profiles onto the system. The Realtime Despatch developers simply tweaked existing profile processes, such as courier integrations and despatch notes, to meet each of the new client’s needs. Both customers were up and running on OrderFlow in just a matter of days.

“It’s a very easy process for us to add new customers onto OrderFlow and we got the new brands set up on the system quickly,” says Dave Clouter, Senior Software Developer at Realtime Despatch. “Not long after going live one client had a big campaign, which KeepMe – and OrderFlow – was able to handle really well. They were turning over a few thousand orders a day and everything went smoothly.”