OrderFlow WMS supports InterSoft integration for Royal Mail:OrderFlow WMS supports InterSoft integration for Royal Mail

May 22, 2019
OrderFlow's new integration with InterSoft provides our Royal Mail customers with a direct integration to replace the discontinued NetDespatch service.

This April Royal Mail withdrew support for its NetDespatch API service, announcing that it would be discontinued from 31st May. High volume e-commerce customers that need to produce Royal Mail labels have been offered the InterSoft Royal Mail service as a replacement.

We’re delighted to announce that after a very intensive development and testing effort, the first OrderFlow customer to migrate to the InterSoft service is now sending out orders.

The OrderFlow WMS allows users to request labels for the complete range of Royal Mail services and formats supported by the InterSoft ‘Intelligent Shipper‘ service. The production of end-of-day manifests and CN22 customs documentation is also supported.

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