OrderFlow 4.0.2 release announcement:OrderFlow 4.0.2 release announcement

Apr 15, 2019
We’re pleased to announce the release of OrderFlow 4.0.2, adding a number of new and exciting features.

As you may be aware, OrderFlow 4.0 was a major release in which product lots and units of measure were introduced into OrderFlow for the first time. Since then, we have released two new versions of the software, the most recent of these coming out on Friday.

In these releases we’ve added a number of exciting features including a new integration with the Squarespace shopping cart. We’ve also introduced some significant features aimed at improving warehousing efficiency, and also made some improvements to our new integration with Intersoft, which will soon be the only API integration available to our customers who use Royal Mail.

There are also a number of other useful new features which are described in more detail below.

Squarespace integration

With this release we have added an integration for Squarespace, best known as a cloud-based web site building tool but also an e-commerce store platform in its own right. Our Squarespace integration allows for orders to be automatically received and marked as shipped without the need any daily administrative steps.

Picking and efficiency improvements

Picking and packing efficiency

Our most recent releases of OrderFlow have introduced some features aimed at boosting efficiency in the warehouse.

OrderFlow 4.0.2 includes a strategy for optimising the choice of picking locations, to allow for the shortest walk to pick the lines required. This feature works well in combination with slotting logic that ensures stock is spread evenly across multiple locations in the picking face, and where the quantity required for each pick is small.

Another new enhancement is the ability to create picking batches for selected products. This is particularly useful where many orders are received for same combination of products, resulting for example from specific multi-buy promotions or from social media campaigns.

We’ve also added a stock move task processing feature especially suitable for forklift-based pallet moves. This flavour of stock move task completion allows the entire contents of locations to be moved without the need for scanning any of the individual products in these locations.

Replacement for NetDespatch Royal Mail Integration

Royal Mail is withdrawing support for its NetDespatch API service on 31st May. The NetDespatch integration option has been superseded by a new API provided by Intersoft.

If you currently use the Royal Mail NetDespatch platform to produce labels you will need to upgrade to OrderFlow 4.0.2 and successfully test the new Intersoft interface before June to continue using Royal Mail services. Please let us know if you would like to kick off this process.

Other enhancements

In the most recent releases we’ve also introduced a range of noteworthy enhancements to the system.

Sales owners

We’ve introduced sales owners, which allow available stock in the warehouse to be internally ring-fenced. Only sales orders that ‘belong to’ the sales owner concerned can be fulfilled using the ring-fenced stock.

This feature is valid for internal corporate distribution environments rather than online stores.

Collection groups

We also added collection groups, where orders can be segmented according to pick-up time. This feature is applicable in environments where collection of specific shipments only occurs on certain days of the week. Collection groups allow for better control over the timing of the release of these orders into the picking and packing process.

Multiple product images

With OrderFlow 4.0.2 we now allow multiple images for a product. This is relevant for situations in which it can be helpful for identification to have more than one image per product.

Address mapping

We’ve also simplified the mechanism for address field mapping, making it easier to map the various lines of an address to specific address elements, such as cities or regions.

API request throttling

We’ve added a generally applicable mechanism for throttling API requests. OrderFlow can now automatically detect when a third party system is responding with a ‘Too Many Requests’ error, and slow down message sending accordingly.

Product lots and units of measure

With the most recent releases we’ve continued work on features that build on the product lots and units of measure features first introduced in OrderFlow 4.0.

More information

If you’re an existing customer and would like to schedule an upgrade to your test environment please raise a ticket on the support portal. If you’re new to Realtime Despatch and would like to know more about OrderFlow 4.0.2 please get in touch.