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OrderFlow 4 WMS release supports expiry dates and case management:OrderFlow 4 WMS release supports expiry dates and case management

Mar 27, 2019

The latest OrderFlow 4 release is an exciting milestone in the development of Realtime Despatch’s warehouse management platform.

It introduces support for product lots, which allows a group of items – typically manufactured in a single production run – to be associated with a lot number, an expiry date and other related information. The product lot information captured at goods-in will follow the products through every stock move and process in the warehouse.

WMS support for perishable products

The OrderFlow product lot functionality is designed to support perishable foodstuffs in warehouse processes that have to be sensitive to the ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates associated with stock.

OrderFlow can now capture the product lot information as part of the goods-in processes, validating the lot information to ensure it meets the shelf-life requirements defined for the product. The product picking logic will typically then ensure that the oldest stock is allocated to orders first.

GS1 barcoding standard

Alongside the new product lot functionality Realtime Despatch has also introduced OrderFlow support for the GS1 barcoding standard. GS1 includes a globally unique Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for products and also a specification for including this and other information in product barcodes.

Support for the GS1 standard means that incoming deliveries can be processed faster and more accurately by allowing OrderFlow to capture product lot and related information directly from the product barcode without the need for any manual data entry.

Support for case and carton functionality

OrderFlow 4 also introduces support for case and carton functionality. The OrderFlow case and carton module allows stock to be tracked by different units of measure. Instead of simply knowing that a pallet contains 200 units, OrderFlow can now represent the quantity as five cases, each containing four cartons of ten items.

The module can offer significant time savings when handling bulk stock by allowing the warehouse processes to be sensitive to case and carton quantities, for example by allowing quantities held in bulk locations to be stock checked by case and replenishments into the picking face to be done by carton.

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