OrderFlow 3.8.6 released:OrderFlow 3.8.6 released

May 14, 2018
We are pleased to announce that the 3.8.6 (Naples) release of OrderFlow is now available, in which we’ve made improvements in many different areas, from carrier integration through to warehouse management, and added a number of usability feature improvements.

GDPR Support

We’ve made changes to OrderFlow to make it easier for our customers to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

New reports are available to service ‘Right to Access’ requests by providing structured data files on customer information held within OrderFlow. The release also supports the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ through an anonymise operation. This process will erase personal information from orders that are no longer active, and can be either be triggered manually from the user interface or be run automatically on a background schedule.

Find out more about GDPR and how your business can ensure compliance.

Updated integration with US carriers


We’ve updated our integrations with all of the big three carriers popular in the US, notably Fedex, Endicia (for USPS) and UPS.

We now have an API integration to Fedex’s global web services API, supporting typical operations such as shipment submission and cancellation, label generation and printing, etc.

We’ve integrated with the latest version of Endicia to update our support for USPS.

We’ve also added support for the UPS SurePost® services.

More streamlined handheld picking

The new OrderFlow release has streamlined the handheld picking screens to remove an extra step between line picks. Users only need to scan products or locations when picking individual lines.

Note that this change will apply automatically for any handheld users upgrading to 3.8.6, but can be reverted through modified configuration if necessary.

Batching by organisation

It is now possible to configure OrderFlow to batch pick an organisation’s shipments together across multiplie channels. This will be particularly helpful in cases where the number of shipments by individual channel is relatively small.

Prior to this release, shipments for multi-channel organisations could only be batch picked with other shipments from the same channel.

Better visibility of alarms


When an unexpected situation arises on the system OrderFlow typically records an alarm, which can be sent out to customers as email notifications. The new version of OrderFlow now displays clearer notice banner if any alarms are present on the system and have not yet been acknowledged.

Single report launch menu


OrderFlow users who have accessed reports on the system will in the past have had to use one of three menus to find the report they are after. These have been consolidated into a single Launch menu.

In addition, the quick search box can now be used to navigated easily to reports whose title matches a text string.

Upcoming changes

We’ve done a lot of work in the current release to start introducing improvements to slotting. The aim is to give you much better control over which locations the system will suggest for different warehouse operations, and to enforce these suggestions, where necessary.

This is still a work in progress, but will be very important when we introduce more advanced WMS features later in the year. Watch this space!

Other enhancements

Among the many other changes in the release, the following are included:

  • UI enhancement to show projected quantities for move pending stock.
  • UI enhancement for API operation configuration entries.

The new release also provides a number of other general improvements and bug fixes.  OrderFlow customers can find a complete list of the changes here.