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Improve warehouse efficiency with multi-user packing

Oct 23, 2019
The latest release of Realtime Despatch’s OrderFlow WMS environment introduces a new packing option that allows multiple packers to work from the same picking cart, tote or pallet.

A typical workflow for a B2C packing team assumes that each packer is presented with picking totes or picking carts full of items to be packed. Each tote or cart will be packed by a single packer.

Dramatically reduce warehouse packing time

However, there are situations where it can be useful to allow multiple packers to work on the picked items simultaneously. The latest OrderFlow release makes this possible without reconfiguring any of the existing packing processes.

In some environments the ability for more than one packer to work on a cart might only be used occasionally; for example when a large pick is completed just before cut-off, but in others it can be used more widely.

Perfect for product promotions

Our OrderFlow warehouse management platform can be configured to group together all the orders that require a particular item or mix of items so they can be picked together. If your warehouse needs to support regular product promotions, as is the case for our customer Nexus Fulfilment, this can be really powerful, splitting out a significant proportion of your order pool and dramatically reducing the time spent picking.

The new release allows these big picking batches to be moved into the packing area and processed quickly by multiple packers.