IBEX Fulfilment opens new warehouse due to increasing demand:IBEX Fulfilment opens new warehouse

Jun 26, 2019
The growing success and rising reputation of one of Realtime Despatch’s long standing customers, IBEX Fulfilment, has recently seen the business move its services to a new and larger warehouse facility.

This will enable the company to better meet both the growing needs of its existing customers and the demands of new clients too.

A well-established supplier of storage, order processing and despatch services, IBEX Fulfilment has an enviable track record of helping other companies to grow their online businesses through its efficient and economic approach to fulfilment.

Improvements for both customers and staff

Having outgrown its old warehouses, Ibex Fulfilment has now relocated to a much larger unit of 11,000 ft². The move has led to a number of improvements for both staff and clients alike. This  includes improved time and distance efficiencies as staff previously had to work between three separate warehouses to complete orders.

“We started Ibex Fulfilment with the vision of taking the headache that is fulfilment away from our clients, giving them the space to concentrate on growing and selling their brands,” says Ian Beith, owner of IBEX Fulfilment.

Helping the business to grow

“Over the last few years we have built up an excellent team which is very much onboard with the IBEX mantra of ‘the client comes first’. This has truly helped us up our game and help the business to grow, so much so that we had to move to our new, bigger premises. Our reputation continues to build: indeed we are about to take on a number of new fulfilment contracts, which the new warehouse enables us to do with ease.

“Our new state of the art premises gives us the capacity to continue to grow and expand for several years to come, as we continue the exciting process of looking for and working with new partners,” he adds.

Congratulations to our customer!

“Our congratulations go out to Ian and his team regarding the expansion; it’s great to see our customers grow,” says Realtime Despatch’s managing director, Charlie Armor. “We look forward to continuing to work with Ibex Fulfilment and helping the business become an even bigger success!”