Capture signatures on warehouse handhelds:Capture signatures on warehouse handhelds

Apr 16, 2018

The Realtime Desparch development team has delivered a new feature within the company’s OrderFlow Warehouse Management System (WMS), which allows users to capture signature confirmations on warehouse handhelds.

Developed in response to a specific customer need, the functionality is being used within a custom workflow to allow people to confirm receipt of orders by signing a touchscreen on a warehouse handheld device when collecting orders from the warehouse.

Benefits of signature capture in a warehouse environment

This feature has many potential benefits, when PIN protection may not be enough to guarantee user identification in a specific warehouse scenario. Where strict auditing of stock movement is required, for example in a bonded warehouse, signature capture can be used to identify the OrderFlow user responsible for individual moves.

Although there are currently no plans to make this a standard OrderFlow feature, Realtime Despatch is now offering this process for use in bespoke workflows if required.

By Charlie Armor, Managing Director at Realtime Despatch Software Ltd