We're open for business

In more usual times the Realtime Despatch team is spread across two offices, so in many ways finding ourselves all working from home has been easier for us that it has for most. We already relied on a lot of the collaboration tools and techniques that make home working possible. All our development and support infrastructure is 'in the cloud' and we've been able to plug our office phones into our home broadband so we still have our usual office phone network. As a result most of our day-to-day activity has continued with relatively little change. Although perhaps with more biscuits and domestic interruptions than we usually expect.

Visiting customers and prospects

The one area that has been dramatically impacted has been our ability to visit customers and prospects. Regular site visits are a key part of the support we offer most of our customers. Similarly, if a prospective OrderFlow user is interested in our services we always try to walk around their warehouse operations at least once before talking about the detail of how they might use our services. This has obviously all had to stop.

However, our customers are still opening new warehouses, taking on new clients and in some cases are having to cope with significantly higher volumes than normal for the time of year. Our challenge is to make sure we continue to deliver the best possible solutions without the luxury of being able to visit them onsite.

Keeping in touch with customers and new prospects.

We're using of Zoom and Teams web conferencing to keep in touch with both customers and new prospects.

 By loading either app onto a phone our customers are able to show us the warehouse operation in action while we ask questions and discuss possible options. The ability to record these walkarounds is proving to be a useful way for us to share information within our development team while we are designing new processes and is something we'll probably continue to use more often after the lockdown has passed.