About Us

Realtime Despatch is a independent software company based in the UK, specialising in warehouse management and e-Commerce software for online retailers and fulfilment houses.

Company History

Realtime Despatch is a independent software company based in the UK, specialising in warehouse management and e-Commerce software for e-tailers and fulfilment houses.

Realtime Despatch was founded in 2005 by Charlie Armor following a number of years running his own fulfilment house business based in Daventry. In 2008 he was joined by Phil Zoio. Their combined commercial experience and technical expertise has been put to full use in bringing the company’s flagship OrderFlow product to market. Our growth over the last few years has been steady, and during this time we have been able to take pride in providing a consistently high quality product and service combination to our customers.

At Realtime Despatch all of our expertise is in-house. We are not reliant on third party organisations for either development or support, which means that we are able to maintain complete control over the quality of our offering to customers.


“As a privately financed company, we are not dependent either on banks or on venture capital for financing, which means that we have been able to grow carefully and organically to achieve our business objectives. We are a profitable company, putting us in an extremely strong position for continued growth in the years ahead.”

Charlie Armor, MD, Realtime Despatch

The Team

We are a multi-skilled team of experienced professionals, working together with a network of trusted partners.
Together we bring a wealth of experience, a keen awareness of the needs of our customers, and an intimate knowledge of our product to each project we undertake.

The screech of brown packing tape coming off the roll is one I grew up with. My father wrote books about selfbuild, as well as appearing in bookshops we sold them ourselves by mail order. Every morning before breakfast my mother would pack up the orders received the day before and have them ready for the postman to collect. When the tape dispenser started screeching downstairs it was time to get up and get ready for school. One of my first bits of code was a little mailmerge program that printed address labels and payment receipts.

I started work as a project manager in the IT industry. First with McDonnell Douglas in the UK and then working in Sydney and Brussels, managing software teams in electronic trading projects. I moved back to the UK to project manage interactive TV and web Ecommerce projects.

Over the years I worked on a number of IT projects that required the services of a fulfillment house to receive order information and despatch goods. This experience convinced me there was a need for a B2C fulfillment service that was specifically designed to meet the needs of Etailers.

In April 2000 I launched the Realtime Despatch fulfillment service from a warehouse in Daventry. I was unable to find cost-effective software to do the job we required so all the warehousing and fulfillment software was developed in-house.

After three years and a lot more brown packing tape I sold the fulfillment side of the business in order to concentrate on developing the software.

I have used my experience in running a fulfillment operation and warehouse to develop what I believe to be the most flexible and user-friendly B2C platform on the market.

Phil is the technical visionary behind Realtime Despatch.

A trained economist, Phil was bitten by the technology bug after a few years working as a journalist and media researcher. He brings to Realtime Despatch the lessons learned from over many years as a hands on software developer working on a wide range of projects.

As an acknowledged expert in the field of Java and web-based software development, Phil has published articles in leading industry web sites. He has also spoken frequently at professional user groups, as well as at international developer conferences.

Phil is an expert in the use of open source frameworks. He has demonstrated his capacity for innovation through the creation of a number of open source frameworks. Most recently, he has led the development of Impala, a dynamic module framework based on the hugely popular Spring framework. Impala is a project of strategic importance to Realtime Despatch, because it supports such a flexible, modular approach to software development.

Phil is very well versed in modern software development best practice, which he applies at Realtime Despatch to ensure software we produce is always to the high standard that our customers expect.

Matthew’s experience and technical expertise add significant value to the Realtime Despatch team. His disciplined approach to software development was forged within the defence industry in the mid-90s, and since then he has gained a wide range of technical and commercial experience in a variety of industry sectors, in organisations ranging in size from small start-ups to large globally-recognised consultancies.

Able to apply different software development methodologies from structured full lifecycle through to more flexible and responsive agile ones, Matthew understands the competing demands of urgency and confidence, and selects the most appropriate techniques to meet delivery deadlines. Combined with an effective test-driven development approach, this helps Realtime Despatch achieve its objective of delivering quality and flexible solutions where needed, in a cost-effective manner.

With a keen attention to detail and excellent problem-solving abilities, Matthew can be relied upon to keep our customers operations running as smoothly as possible.

Guy is an IT generalist with a wide range of experience gained over more than two decades in customer facing and technical roles. He’s delivered training, support, implementation, consultancy, development, system administration and other services as required while working for organisations ranging from small software houses to a High Street bank.

Guy has excellent analytical and problem solving skills and a passion for helping customers get the most out of their investment in the OrderFlow platform.